samedi 19 juillet 2008

Deux bouquins et une recette

I discovered that I love to draw books... so two more, I'm currently reading. The purple one is a poetry anthology of Aimé Césaire, who died recently. He's been my favorite poet for a long time. His words are not pretty, they're powerful, full of images and rythm, they talk directly to the guts. I have to give the book back to the library but I'm going to buy it now it's been reedited.

And this is the recipe of the anchoïade for Mark! The sketch is just for fun, it's a bit hard to read and it's written backwards... I'll write it down correctly below. The bug on the page does not belong to the recipe, it was on my window the other day and kind enough to stay still while I tried to sketch it.


You press 4 garlic cloves in the bowl of the mixer.

You can add a few capers if you like (I don't, but it's good too)

You add about 220 to 250g of anchovies that you pick up from a can of anchovies in olive oil (you don't add the oil of the can)
You can do the same with anchovies kept in salt but it's more work, you have to prepare them first.

You add 2 spoons (big soup spoons) of olive oil, and a little coffee spoon of vinegar or lemon juice (if you put capers, you don't need this acid addition)

You mix, then you add the rest of the olive oil, about 6 or 7 more spoons, and you mix again.

It normally becomes a paste, not liquid, not too thick either. You have to taste regularly to get it right. it's easy, you don't have to follow the recipe exactly (I never count my spoons, I just pour everything in the bowl and taste!)

The garlic acts as a sweetener, but it gets stronger after a few hours. it's better if you prepare the anchoïade in advance and keep it in the fridge for at least three of four hours. You serve with dry bread and any vegetable you want, like tomatoes, calliflower, pepper, carots... It can be served lukewarm with vegetables and then it's called la bagna cauda (le bain chaud/the warm bath). That's provençal.

After that, don't forget the coffe beans for the breath! Mark, if you and Valerie eat it together, you won't need the coffee beans, you'll neutralize each other!

6 commentaires:

Mark Hill a dit…

Merci! This sounds wonderful. Unfortunately I won't eat it in Valerie's presence. She detests anchovies.

SCquiltaddict a dit…

love the recipe spread...too much fun!!!

Spinneretta a dit…

merci beaucoup! A taste of Provence for real :) I love the South of France, its beautiful!

Stephanie a dit…

your books are lovely! I really enjoy reading and drawing a good book! Since I'm of the 'detests anchovies' group of people I'll have to take other's words for it be in good. :) I did enjoy the bug on your recipe page.

Kathleen a dit…

MMM MMMM sounds delicious I am going to make this tonight- and serve it with my homemade bruchetta- still love your fearless journaling and colors-

Alison a dit…

I especially like your coloured pages - this looks yummy