mardi 28 juillet 2009

2 filles, une baleine et une 2 chevaux

I'm trying to make a new calendar for next year. These are little pieces of the "september" page.

I'm going to draw cars and motorbikes on every page! Here's my favorite of all times, "la deudeuche" - Citroën 2CV.

vendredi 24 juillet 2009

2 livres, une locomotive, une jolie nana et 2 tourterelles

New reads! Loved both books, one a great thriller, the kind you don't let go easily! Read it on the beach mostly, it was nice : )! The other one took some time because it was so rich, a wonderful book about love and reading, and solitude, and books, et caetera... Loved it. I'm sure it's translated in English too. The author is Italian, and the story takes place in Milano, New York, and Belle Ile in France.

Did these two cards for my parents, they liked them!

lundi 13 juillet 2009

4 bouquins et 26 chats

Even when I'm not in the mood to do much, I still like to draw books, it seems...
On the left, a thriller. Didn't like it much, it was violent and I didn't care much for the characters. Not bad, either, it was okay for an afternoon with the kids on the beach. On the right, an essay about neo-paganism, what it is, the various groups and tendancies. Interesting.

These were great! On the left, French fabulous author Tonino Benacquista, with a fun story about a Newark ex-maffia family hidden in a small french village, and raising hell there. And on the right, Finland fabulous author Aarto Paasilinna, with a fun story about Suedish midwives and Finnish lumberjacks stranded on a not so desert island.

And twenty six cats. Seventy four to go and I'll be able to draw a cat properly, I hope. (read somewhere that if you draw something a hundred times you can begin to really get it right - meaning, you understand it better.)