mardi 31 mars 2009

Une maison, une tête de pierre, une fille cachée dans les bois

Still having fun with my paints and trying things... there's a lot of stuff that comes out very strange, and I'm not showing everything!
Little dream house (except I'd like it bigger and not lost in the woods, already done that, hate it - just at the end of the street would be great : )

By night. Birds still fly in this place at night.

Stone I found on the beach. It's part of a brick, polished by the stand. I collect these things, enameled stones, polished glass... This one is about the size of my palm. It looks like a head with eyes... maybe I'll paint it, make a little statue with it!

When I was young I used to tell myself stories and draw them... seems I'm doing it again! It looked dull at first, so I added black contours and now I like it.

mercredi 25 mars 2009

Le désert, la Sibérie, une île déserte, une deudeuche et un petit garçon en train de lire

Still having fun with music and watercolor... For this one I was listening to Jeffrey Oryema's album Exile, so beautiful. He's from Ouganda but has been forced to leave his country when he was twenty something. I've never been to the desert but I've lived in Africa for three years when I was young, and still miss it. His music just takes me there.

Hmm. Kamchatka drums, with an old witch singing. Very strange music. This is a very free interpretation based on totally undocumented feelings about Siberia...

That's a kind of journal page. I'm not explaining what it means!
A 2cv Citroën. There are a lot of them where I live. I love this little car. I'd love to have one, but it's not very safe nor very comfortable, and I think it's a bit expensive to take care of.

I don't remember where I picked this. It's from a photo I saw on someone's blog, I think it was Blue Yonder ... hope it's all right to draw it.

vendredi 20 mars 2009

Cinq danseurs, deux musiciens, une fillette en rangers et deux petits promeneurs

I've been trying new things, like painting without drawing first and without a model, and it's fun, I like it. This was done listening to Senegal jembé music, it's naive and messy but I like it, it's fun, I did very quickly and I like the energy of it.

I didn't manage to get the colors right with my scanner. The original is brighter.
This one is done the same way, listening to - guess what - Andes traditional music (hope it shows a little, even if it's a free interpretation!)

Just because I thought she was cool with her big shoes and wind in her hair. She comes from a children's clothes catalogue!

And the boys were on an ad for Timberland shoes.

dimanche 8 mars 2009

Trois livres, un sac, une paire de Converse et deux danseuses

New books! I'm re-reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, it's an amazing book. It seems to me I've been engaged on a strange and fascinating trip since I began to read it. I'm reading another one now, The Vein of Gold, and it's ... amazing. In a very good way!
The book on the left is a sort of illustrated chronicles and thoughts by a great French comic books dessinateur (means, he makes drawings) and story teller. It's a great book.

The Bruce Chatwin I already talked about in the last post, it was a fantastic read. Now I recycle and re-use drawings so I have more in my posts, I'm cheap like that!

This is a lovely Longchamp bag, and no, it's not mine. I wouldn't mind if it was. I wouldn't mind having most of the bags I see in the shops and magazines, actually.

This is from a photo made by a lady whose blog is there. She makes beautiful photos. among other things. Maybe I'll color it later.

This is just a try. No pen and no model, just for fun, never done that, no since I was very little!
I was listening to flamenco music.

Dancing in the night now. Olé!

dimanche 1 mars 2009

Un lézard et trois bouquins

I haven't drawn much lately. Not one post in february... but it's a short month, that's why.
I've done a lot of other things, I have projects, and my life is moving a little more than usual and in quite interesting ways.
I tried drawing a mandala because I didn't want to draw anything "real". It was fun.

This is the negative version - I've been inspired by Margaret's blog and her wonderful drawings and negatives! I like that negative version a lot!
This is the original one, but I think I didn't set my scanner right, it's brighter in reality.
Just read this, it was enormously interesting. I'll buy it, because it's so rich, I want to be able to reread parts of it all the time. English original title is "Songlines". First time I saw Bruce Chatwin's work was in a photography book I found at random in the library. I loved it. Since then it seems Bruce Chatwin's name appears in everything I read.

And these are two other books I read before the Chatwin. I loved the one by Sherman Alexie, it was wonderful, made me laugh and cry, and I sent one to my parents right away, for their education. The other one I struggled with, because I didn't like the dialogues, but maybe it was the translation. I love that author usually. The story was great, anyway, I didn't regret forcing myself to finish it.