mercredi 25 mars 2009

Le désert, la Sibérie, une île déserte, une deudeuche et un petit garçon en train de lire

Still having fun with music and watercolor... For this one I was listening to Jeffrey Oryema's album Exile, so beautiful. He's from Ouganda but has been forced to leave his country when he was twenty something. I've never been to the desert but I've lived in Africa for three years when I was young, and still miss it. His music just takes me there.

Hmm. Kamchatka drums, with an old witch singing. Very strange music. This is a very free interpretation based on totally undocumented feelings about Siberia...

That's a kind of journal page. I'm not explaining what it means!
A 2cv Citroën. There are a lot of them where I live. I love this little car. I'd love to have one, but it's not very safe nor very comfortable, and I think it's a bit expensive to take care of.

I don't remember where I picked this. It's from a photo I saw on someone's blog, I think it was Blue Yonder ... hope it's all right to draw it.

5 commentaires:

Margaret Ann a dit…

Wow! What a treasure trove of goodies posted today! Lovely! I really am fascinated by your first two pieces...they have such a joyful rhythmic feel to them! Well done!

Your black and white pieces are super! Wonderful lines and lots of great details... I love that car!!!!

Minerva a dit…

I really like your music & watercolor series: it looks very spontaneous and fun.

Anetka a dit…

wow!!! that's a handful of sketches:)
I also love Citroen car but for the same not an owner.
I agree with Margaret, joyful rhytmic feel in two first sketches:)

Great line work in b&w drawigs!

Ann a dit…

Your drawings are so wonderful! I especially like the first watercolor, it definitely evokes a musical rhythm.

Pea a dit…

lovely work and really cool colours!