dimanche 1 mars 2009

Un lézard et trois bouquins

I haven't drawn much lately. Not one post in february... but it's a short month, that's why.
I've done a lot of other things, I have projects, and my life is moving a little more than usual and in quite interesting ways.
I tried drawing a mandala because I didn't want to draw anything "real". It was fun.

This is the negative version - I've been inspired by Margaret's blog and her wonderful drawings and negatives! I like that negative version a lot!
This is the original one, but I think I didn't set my scanner right, it's brighter in reality.
Just read this, it was enormously interesting. I'll buy it, because it's so rich, I want to be able to reread parts of it all the time. English original title is "Songlines". First time I saw Bruce Chatwin's work was in a photography book I found at random in the library. I loved it. Since then it seems Bruce Chatwin's name appears in everything I read.

And these are two other books I read before the Chatwin. I loved the one by Sherman Alexie, it was wonderful, made me laugh and cry, and I sent one to my parents right away, for their education. The other one I struggled with, because I didn't like the dialogues, but maybe it was the translation. I love that author usually. The story was great, anyway, I didn't regret forcing myself to finish it.

6 commentaires:

Ann a dit…

Your lizard mandalas are amazing! I love the vibrant colors and all that pattern. Thanks for the book recommendations too. How cool that you make journal entries of the books you read!

Margaret Ann a dit…

What a fun collection of goodies today...Isn't it a hoot to flip pieces into the negative???...I never fail to breathe oot a hefty "OOOOH!" when that happens...I like the flip here very much...it gives the lizard and electirc feel! :)

lyn a dit…

Love the lizard and it looks like you've been doing some nice work! It is hard to keep up with posting, the people that can get to it daily amaze me!
Continued Success!

Lynn a dit…

I really like your drawings of books. That's a very cool thing to draw.

Anonyme a dit…

All of it looks great. the lizard and the books. You portrayed the books so interestingly.

BMoon a dit…

Absolutely love your blog. The books, ah, the books are fantastic. And you render people really well...me, only faces! Someday, bodies, too. LOL