mardi 31 mars 2009

Une maison, une tête de pierre, une fille cachée dans les bois

Still having fun with my paints and trying things... there's a lot of stuff that comes out very strange, and I'm not showing everything!
Little dream house (except I'd like it bigger and not lost in the woods, already done that, hate it - just at the end of the street would be great : )

By night. Birds still fly in this place at night.

Stone I found on the beach. It's part of a brick, polished by the stand. I collect these things, enameled stones, polished glass... This one is about the size of my palm. It looks like a head with eyes... maybe I'll paint it, make a little statue with it!

When I was young I used to tell myself stories and draw them... seems I'm doing it again! It looked dull at first, so I added black contours and now I like it.

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Margaret Ann a dit…

OOOOH! I love the night flip...these are always such a surprise to make!

And...Your rock rocks! Very cool! :)