vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Flowers, my guitar, and thoughts

First, I want to thank everyone who replied to my last post, for your advice and encouragements, and simply for sharing your own stories. It made me feel better about the whole thing, and it made me think (dangerous thing, that!)

So I took my sketchbook again and drew the flowers on my table, first time I draw flowers, and it shows... but I'm still happy with the drawing because it's colorful and I enjoyed doing it. On the left is a pinecone, in case you don't recognize it.
And this is the new love of my life, my guitar. When I was young I played the piano, it was a love/hate relation,and no one ever thought I should do something with it... (except maybe, stop).
I thought I was lost for music forever, being obviously not gifted at all. but I love music, I love the sound of live instruments, especially guitar, bass and percussions, so I treated myself and bought this and a method for learning.
I'm having fun playing, for my ears only (I'm not a cruel person). There's absolutely no pressure at all. The sounds and the exercices take me in a meditative state like nothing else ever did (great surprise!)

I think playing an instrument or singing just for pleasure is more understood and accepted than sketching or drawing. People seem to get the point better. But maybe I'm wrong, it's not something I'm very familiar with.

jeudi 11 novembre 2010

2 books, 1 journal page and some ranting

Books again! Favorite authors, so no surprise but a lot of pleasure!
On your right, new book by Kate Atkinson, short stories (a genre I usually don't like much), fabulous. I feel she writes for me, I mean, it's the kind of things I'd like to write if I could write. But she really has a unique way of seeing and expressing things.

And, on your left, not new book by David Baldacci. I'm beginning to seriously love that author. I like thrillers, and action packed stories, but usually the characters are a bit simple and without depth in those kind of books. But not with Baldacci. I love his characters, they feel human and likable. And the stories are great.

And this a little page just for the pleasure of drawing, something I have missed doing, lately... My pen for drawing, my nespresso cup, little hen on my kitchen counter, ivy leaves, little statue at my parents' place.

Lately I couldn't draw anymore. I made a few drawings for friends and family. When I show my drawings, I often hear : "That's nice! You should make something of it".
Make what? I thought I was making something, actually. Like, a little drawing. Just for the pleasure. Isn't that something?

And then I stop drawing. Not the first time it happens.
I think I'm over it, this time. I just want to draw and not care why or what for.

Do you sometimes get these kind of remarks?

mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Shelves and a lot of books

Two books I read in october. I liked the one on the left, by Nancy Huston, especially for the very interesting take on men and women, the power and the fears beneath the relationships and attitudes.

The book on the right "Horowotz et mon père" (Horowitz and my father) tells the story of a man who was Horowitz's friend in Russia before the revolution, when they were teenagers, and was at least as good a pianist as Horowitz.
He fights with the white Russians, flees to France, get married, and lives a very ordinary and rather happy life until the war and later his wife's death. His son tells the story, and it's great, interesting, tender, funny, clever...

I loved it even more because the story takes place in Paris west suburbs, which is where I grew up, and I felt the place in the book, like it is in my memories, and that was great!

And this is a view from my couch... Shelves in my living room, with some books, of course!
I'm trying to get back to my "first love" in drawing : the "Every Day Matters" style!