vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Caroline R. avant et après

This is for Inspire me Thursday - this week the theme is "Madame Caroline Rivière", so here she is. I've been watching a little too much of Dia de los Muertos/Halloween stuff, apparently : ).
In France November 1st is called Toussaint (All Saints) and some people traditionally bring flowers to their dead, and that's all. Catholic people do more, certainly. Some kids put costumes on and a few people decorate and keep sweets for them, but it's not really popular, it's not a tradition here.

mardi 27 octobre 2009

Des livres et des visages

My last reads. I loved the Dan O'Brien book, it was very interesting and a pleasure to read. I love M. O'Brien's view of life, he's very wise and he has an eternal student attitude (that's probably why he's so wise). I learned a lot about nature and ecosystems with this book.

I'm experimenting with kids faces, not very pleased by the results but I feel like doing these anyway... So I'm going on with the feeling...
I've not been blogging, very busy these last few weeks. A lot of work, car problems, lots of activities and on going projects - very good, I'm glad (except for the car troubles, but it's just material, doesn't matter).