jeudi 21 mai 2009

Un moine, un maître de fengshui et ma doudou

The two books I read last. The one on the right is called Shanghaï Fengshui, it's funny, and the characters were cool. The one on the left is the story of a Tibetan monk, it's very interesting and I read it very fast because it was great. It's a biography, and the hero of the story is a very lovable and wise person.

This is my daughter, Manon, from photos. I think I'm improving, I actually recognize her in these and she doesn't seem to be eighteen either.

lundi 18 mai 2009

Parapluies et parasols

We have a great weather today, but here in the south of France, we've had the rainiest year since the thirties! We're not used to it at all... The good thing is that the country is incredibly green and even more beautiful than usual with all that water, and it was much needed after several years of drought.
More umbrellas to celebrate these rainy months!

In French we say "parapluie" (protect from the rain) and "parasols" (protect from the sun). And we also have the word "ombrelle", that's not very used anymore. The word "ombre" means "shadow".
Parasols, then:

vendredi 15 mai 2009

Des parapluies

"Umbrellas" was Inspire me Thursday's theme of the week some times ago. It was raining yesterday and I was stuck at home with my sniffling and coughing daughter, so this came out : ). I like umbrellas, they're lovely objects!

I really made four little squares (10 x 10 cm) and played with flickr toys afterwards.

dimanche 10 mai 2009

2 éléphants, Bibi, un bateau en bouteille, une deudeuche jaune et des souvenirs pour touriste

Drawing with a marker on my altered book. The bigger elephant is just lazying in the grass, and the little one is the baby brother playing with him. (found this somewhere on flickr)

This is me, looking at myself in the mirror and trying not to glare... Sometimes I think I look better than this, I've not been very gentle with myself : ) but it's still me, no doubt about it...

I wanted to draw this, out of nowhere, I don't know why...

One of a series of little 2cv citroën drawings. I think I'm going to make cards out of them.

Drawn after my visit in Paris with the students. We bought some little souvenirs and I added a subway ticket.

samedi 9 mai 2009

mon chemin

Still playing with Polyvore. I love doing collages, and the possibilities are endless... The drawing on the front is mine, the rest isn't, it's collected everywhere.

vendredi 8 mai 2009

Nouveau jouet

I'm having a lot of fun with this new "toy", the Polyvore site where you can make collages and admire others. It's like playing with Barbie dolls, I think. I never did, so I'm doing it now, thirty years late... I've even begun wearing feminine things in real life. There's still hope for me.

dimanche 3 mai 2009

Bob Dylan, et plein de trucs.

I've been playing with an old book I bought for 2 euros and trying new things, drawing faces, using a marker, drawing very very quickly, and generally having fun.
This is Bob Dylan (I'm not showing all my tries ; )! )

I saw this idea of a fake journal on The Happy Painter's blog. Roz apparently created it and a blog for it to take place during all last month.
I love the idea, and I'm having a lot of fun with it!
So here is my weekend in London (where I've never been, and it wasn't really the weekend either):

Now here I am, in Tokyo, on my fantastic futurist bike, speeding at night on the motorway.

Feeling more romantic for a day :

Oh, this one is not fake. Had my car repaired and bought a book in a thrift market.