dimanche 3 mai 2009

Bob Dylan, et plein de trucs.

I've been playing with an old book I bought for 2 euros and trying new things, drawing faces, using a marker, drawing very very quickly, and generally having fun.
This is Bob Dylan (I'm not showing all my tries ; )! )

I saw this idea of a fake journal on The Happy Painter's blog. Roz apparently created it and a blog for it to take place during all last month.
I love the idea, and I'm having a lot of fun with it!
So here is my weekend in London (where I've never been, and it wasn't really the weekend either):

Now here I am, in Tokyo, on my fantastic futurist bike, speeding at night on the motorway.

Feeling more romantic for a day :

Oh, this one is not fake. Had my car repaired and bought a book in a thrift market.

3 commentaires:

Alex a dit…

These sketches are so full of life ^^ 2Euro sketch book is now priceless because of your marker and pen-strokes :) If I am that sketch book, I'd be proud to be bought by such a gifted owner.
Thanks for dropping by and leave a sweet comment. You don't need to save that movie for a blue day ^^ you could watch it anytime... it's not sad, but really touching instead. :) And actually the beginning part is so funny...it's just a great movie! Watch it watch it!

Ann a dit…

These journal pages are such fun - wonderfully done! I like your Bob Dylan drawing too :)

Sarah Ketelaars a dit…

i love this whole concept which i just saw on Roz's blog today - it's a great idea so i might try and do one next year. Your pages are lovely - hope you get to go to some of those places for real one day too. Bob look good too...