samedi 22 août 2009


Finally finished my november page. Now I know this calendar will never be ready for 2010. Like we say in french, I've put all my eggs in the same basket, some are going to fall down and break... (plus, I'm lazy, it doesn't help.)
Some bits of the page :

These are not eggs, in the boy's basket. It's ceps. My ex-husband is very good at finding them, and I'm not. I miss his cooking, sometimes.

lundi 17 août 2009

Un chasseur de primes, une belle caisse et deux bouquins

That's Lee Van Cleef in "The good, the bad and the ugly". I love this movie, seen it several times always with the same pleasure. Saw a Korean movie last december with my brother that was called "the good, the bad and the crazy" and it was great, in another style, really crazy and fun!

Another car for my calendar, it's a Ford Capri - so I'm told, I don't recognize cars unless I've driven them or been driven in them for years - and I've never had a Capri, too bad, it looks cool!

And two new books.
Centering on Pottery, Poetry and the Person is a fabulous book. I don't know exactly why I felt compelled to buy and read it but I love it. It's very difficult for me, because of the writing, not my first language, and a beautiful, unique, poetical way of writing, and deep meaning. I read it very slowly and feel things moving and growing inside as I read and re-read each paragraph - it's that difficult for me : ) !
The other book is a big thriller, well done, very good for reading near the swimming pool, if you have one, or in bed until very late because you want to know the end and begin something else.

jeudi 13 août 2009

Des confitures, des cuillères et un camion

This is another page of my future calendar. At the rate I'm going I think it could be finished for 2012.
This is Août (august).

I'm drawing a lot these days and not blogging much. I seem to have absolutely no discipline at all, I mean even less than I usually do.
It's really nice...

samedi 1 août 2009

10 Indiens et un filon d'or

Loved the book on the left, it was powerful and interesting, the kind that gives you a lot to think about. English original title is "Ten Indians", by Maddison Smartt Bell.
"The Vein of Gold" was as amazing as "The Artist's Way". It took me almost a year to read them (and work with them) and they're really life changing books.

"The Vein of Gold" really moved me in ways I never would have imagined. It made me explore and do things I never do, think in a different way, engage in projects I had never thought about before. I can't recommand it enough!