samedi 1 août 2009

10 Indiens et un filon d'or

Loved the book on the left, it was powerful and interesting, the kind that gives you a lot to think about. English original title is "Ten Indians", by Maddison Smartt Bell.
"The Vein of Gold" was as amazing as "The Artist's Way". It took me almost a year to read them (and work with them) and they're really life changing books.

"The Vein of Gold" really moved me in ways I never would have imagined. It made me explore and do things I never do, think in a different way, engage in projects I had never thought about before. I can't recommand it enough!

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Alex a dit…

Beautiful! As always :) I really like how you show appreciation to things you love, especially books, and these are probably the finest ones that you've done so far, and I could totally see how matured things are becoming. :) I'd say to my self, that's what I'd want to accomplish.

Thanks again for the comments ^^

Anonyme a dit…

Admiring your lettering - super job!

Anonyme a dit…

Inever thought of drawing the books I read, what a wonderful and original idea!!