samedi 27 juin 2009

Therapies et fantaisies

I hate the month of june. Thankfully it's almost over.
Things I'm currently reading :

I'm very interested in alternative therapies. In november I'll begin training in sophrology, while still doing my current job. Hopefully in two years I'll be able to practice as a sophrologist and in a few years be able to do it full time. I'm so fed up with the french education system. I like teaching, and I like the kids, (most of the time...), but I'm tired of the stupid bureaucracy and inept chiefs. They really know how to demotivate their troups.
Bought this, from Arto Paasilinna. Strange and fun, and a cool read, as usual with Paasilinna!

samedi 13 juin 2009

Une forêt, des mugs, une palissade, des jolies filles

I've been trying a lot of things in my new and first moleskine book - I've waited nearly two months to use it, it made me shy or something... It's over now, I'm doing my usual messes on the pages and being very happy with that...
This, I'm not very happy with it. It was better at some point, I knew I had to stop painting, and I didn't listen to the little voice... Must learn to keep some parts white.

The photo is not mine, and sadly I forgot to note where I found it. Love the colors in those mugs.

I glued a photo and painted around it. The photo is not mine either, don't remember whose it is. Loved the colors, too.

Girls from fashion magazines.

And my daughter watching tv. For once, it's not from a photo. Did it very quickly and she was nice and didn't move too much.

dimanche 7 juin 2009

2 livres et un rêve sur papier

Two new books. I've recently bought four books from the same collection, all from Asian writers. The one on the right, Tio, was wonderful, poetical, a bit magical, and a very pleasing read. On the left, it's Hurree Babu from the Kipling book, Kim, meeting Sherlock Holmes and the Dalaï Lama, and it's fun. Great descriptions of colonial India and old "Thibet".

I probably watched too much American/Californian/Hawaaïan stuff on tv when I was young... this is my vision of paradise... not very original, but effective - it really makes me happy!

I've never been on a surf board... Been on a skate board for one second, once, and hurt my elbow badly. Been on a snow board for one afternoon, and loved it, but I still have troubles with my right knee since... so now I stick to skiing and avoid boards except on paper.