dimanche 7 juin 2009

2 livres et un rêve sur papier

Two new books. I've recently bought four books from the same collection, all from Asian writers. The one on the right, Tio, was wonderful, poetical, a bit magical, and a very pleasing read. On the left, it's Hurree Babu from the Kipling book, Kim, meeting Sherlock Holmes and the Dalaï Lama, and it's fun. Great descriptions of colonial India and old "Thibet".

I probably watched too much American/Californian/Hawaaïan stuff on tv when I was young... this is my vision of paradise... not very original, but effective - it really makes me happy!

I've never been on a surf board... Been on a skate board for one second, once, and hurt my elbow badly. Been on a snow board for one afternoon, and loved it, but I still have troubles with my right knee since... so now I stick to skiing and avoid boards except on paper.

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Janice a dit…


happy to find you - I came here by way of EDM - just joined that group a couple weeks ago

you work is so beautiful - I plan to come back later and browse through it all - especially like the California Dreaming - makes me remember Mamma Cass - do you remember that song and the Mammas and the Pappas?

on Vancouver Island

bettyfromtexas a dit…

These are beautiful pages, and THANK YOU for the book recommendations!! I am always looking for interesting new books to read and these sound fascinating!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Delph,
Those books sound really interesting. Strangely enough I bought a Mamas & the Papas CD this week. Great old songs. I saw sold lovely old ramshackle houses in Hawaii years ago that your drawing brought to mind.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh sorry, I should have previewed. I don't know where that word 'sold' came from!

Sandy a dit…

What Cool spreads these are!

Dan Kent a dit…

I am so pleased to have found your blog. (Thanks for visiting mine.) Since I am new here, I guess it is fair for me to say on this post that I just love the umbrella paintings, especially the "Singing in the Rain" that now seems uniquely French. Your work is varied and creative. I look forward to see where you go next!

Alex a dit…

Hey Kazumi! I've been away for 3 weeks and you've been creating more and more wonderful stuff for us.
Absolutely love the colors! :) And these just fit the season right in! Thanks for your comment on my Lily too. :) I gotta get on to work on my drawings very soon..but after I get through this jetlag.