jeudi 25 mars 2010

Une girafe, une nana bleue et une brune

Most of my time, when I'm not working or driving my daughter here and there, is spent trying to sell my flat
and find a nice house to live in (and obsessing about the whole thing).
But, I sometimes manage to sit and be quiet with my pens and paint, and so I did this :

From a photo a friend took in Kenya.
And this :

From two photos snatched in old magazines and transformed...
And this :

From a portrait found on flickr, and this time I didn't forget to note the name of the photographer : it's "krakote est point com" on flickr, and the original photo was taken on march 15th.

mercredi 10 mars 2010

Le bureau, la machine à café et un sac

Another room for my future house! Dreams cost nothing!
Copied from a photo I found somewhere, (not mine), and sadly I didn't think to note where I found it...

This is where I'll receive my future patients!
I'm following a two years course to become a "sophrologue" - that's a therapeutic pratice, with relaxation, visualisation and positive activation. I take classes during weekends, about two a three days every month. And go back to work on mondays...
That's why I need good coffee!
I already have a nice nespresso machine, but I wouldn't mind having this one :

And this nice bag to carry my books...
I'll just ignore the price of those things for now!

mercredi 3 mars 2010

Un bureau, une chambre

I'm dreaming of my future house.
Just dreams for now, but it doesn't hurt, and I feel inspired!

This is from a photo I found in a magazine and changed a little.
And the same, by night (thank you, negative option of my scanner!)

I want a lot of wood in my future place.