dimanche 30 janvier 2011

2 books, 16 people and a cat

My last two reads. This is the third time I've read Kitchen, by Banana Yoshimoto, and each time, I've been mourning someone or something. Each time I get something new, and deep, from the book. It's a very special book. Very zen, in a way.

The other one is Fried green tomatoes by Fannie Flagg. Second time I read it and second time I love it. I found it darker this time. Funny how we get things differently as we age and go through new experiences.
Both are great books to read when you need to get through some tough times, anyway, to me they are.

 And more faces from magazines and papers. Some are good, some are really bad, even the second time around! 3/4 faces are the hardest, I think. And animals are even harder than people! You wouldn't know it, but the cat really doesn't look like its model! (but he looks like a cat, I've managed that : ) !)

samedi 22 janvier 2011

2 books and 14 faces

I've been slowly reading! On the left book two of "a feast for the crows" by George RR Martin. I love this series, beautifully written and captivating. I liked this volume better than the previous one, but I felt it was long, sometimes. I hate the character who gets the more pages, the horrible Cersei. And I miss Jon, Bran, Aria and Thirion.

On the right is a lovely little book from Iceland and it's a warm and original story, about love, cooking, roses, fatherhood and family, but you've got to read the book to see for yourself, I'm not doing it justice. (title is "Rosa Candida").

And I've also been drawing a lot, from photos, and very fast with my pen. Like always I'm amazed how easier it becomes when I draw a lot.

Faces from various magazines, like "Psychologies", Elle, Geo, and teenager stuff belonging to my daughter ^^!
We've had snow in my area, but not right where I live. I hope we'll have a little bit of snow this year!

samedi 15 janvier 2011

January and watery things

I've been extremely busy for the last two weeks, no spare time and almost never at home. So these are already "old" drawings from the beginning of the year.

You can see : my cat, Mia, a litte pine branch, christmas decoration bears, a view of the harbor from the beach (yes! I finally managed to draw outside a little, between drops of rain!), a candle, my paintbrush again (raining, again...)
All this water made me think about fish...
As I'm writing this, we've had a few wonderful, sunny, warm days. We're luckier than some people in Brazil.

It's my first post of 2011, so I'll use it to wish a lot of good things, health, love, happiness , to everyone!
Bonne Année à tous!