dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Des trucs qui flottent et 4 cartes

I couldn't not do something for the last EDM challenge, something that floats.
Because like everyone, I know that witches don't float, but ducks do, and sometimes hats too.

And here are the four last cards I received from the EDM postcard swap we began in june, I think :
From Jen Hook in Australia, this beautiful railway station :

From Kelly in Texas, those lovely colorful flowers:

From Deb in Virginia, another beautiful railway station that's now a museum :

And from June, this superb door that leads to the castle and a place with swans and everything you dream about, I suppose!
I was very happy and thankful to receive the cards. This swap has been a wonderful experience!

mercredi 15 octobre 2008

3 matous

I finally finished the second part of my cats drawings. I'm not very happy with them but they're done and I can think about something else... I rather like the kitten, though. I found the photos of the kitten and the white cat in a book called "Chats insolites", by Anne Camberlain.

This is Mia, my cat, in her usual active position. I was quite happy with the drawing I managed to do of her before she moved! Of course I forgot to scan it and I'm not as happy with the color part...

This is Mia again. She's a nice cat. Lovely and a bit skittish but she can be affectionate sometimes.

I'm not drawing very often these days and that's not good... I need to do something about it - preferably something fun!

dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Un après-midi, une fanfare et un faune

Today I went to a little town called Collobrières. They organize festivities each autumn, three sundays in a row, to celebrate chestnut season, and sell the chestnuts.
It's a remote and beautiful place. You have to drive on a narrow road for half an hour in the mountains and forest to arrive there (in France that's not often - small country!)

This is a special pan for chesnuts. It has holes in it. You have to cut the chestnuts before putting them in the fire or they will explode!
I didn't eat any because the weather was too warm. That's food for cold times, to get your hands warm! (burnt, too, if you're not careful).
It was a fun day. I saw a faun and his girl friend.

And heard fabulous music.

They're called La Fanfare A Bout de Souffle (out of breath brass band). They were playing Rom (eastern European gypsy) music. It was magical. You can hear them here http://www.duzef.new.fr . They're based in Marseille.

Zorro and Bernardo danced and played the clowns.

I bought 2 kg of cristallized chesnuts, to make desserts and to offer. It's very good!

Beautiful day! I'll think of it when I'm at work and smile.

dimanche 5 octobre 2008

Monte là-dessus et tu verras Montmartre!

Thanks to your comments and good advices on my last post, I dared color my roofs drawing! And I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and it wasn't that difficult, except for the sky.
I seriously need to practice skies and clouds...

So this is for my parents, who have almost the same birthday, and I had to hurry because they're going back to Paris in a few days and I wanted to give it to them in person.
I love Paris, even if I wouldn't want to live there anymore. It's still a wonderful city!
When I'm more skilled, I hope one day... I'll try to do another with the incredible cloudy sky of Paris.

jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Des orques et du rouge

Today my kid was sick (nothing too bad - but she's coughing and contagious) so we both had an unexpected day off. No school, and plenty of free time!
So I finished things I had begun last month.
This, from photos I took in Antibes's Marineland last year. I loved it there, especially the whales, it woke up something deep in me - and I usually don't like water and things related much... until this.

And since I had fun doing the yellow book mark and mosaïc the other day, I made some in red, that time.

Two posts in two days... incredible.

mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Les toits et un lampadaire

This is something I've been wanting to try for some times : views of roofs in Paris. I found some photos on flickr and chose one that didn't seem too difficult... It wasn't too easy either ; )... I want to offer that to my parents for their birthday. I'm going to add color but I like it like that and I'm afraid I'm going to mess it completely... so here it is, before destruction (or not, I hope...)
If you look very closely you can see the Sacré Coeur on the left, very small! It's a view of Montmartre, a famous place in Paris, and it really deserves its reputation because it's beautiful and fun to visit.
What I really love in Paris is the colors, the sky has incredible colors, especially when it's cloudy (which is most of the time), the grey roofs, with pink reflexions, and red chimneys... I don't know another place like that, it's special.
I forgot to note the name of the person who took the original photo... I need to go back and search for that too...