jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Des orques et du rouge

Today my kid was sick (nothing too bad - but she's coughing and contagious) so we both had an unexpected day off. No school, and plenty of free time!
So I finished things I had begun last month.
This, from photos I took in Antibes's Marineland last year. I loved it there, especially the whales, it woke up something deep in me - and I usually don't like water and things related much... until this.

And since I had fun doing the yellow book mark and mosaïc the other day, I made some in red, that time.

Two posts in two days... incredible.

6 commentaires:

peachtreeart a dit…

Hope your daughter feels better and great way to spend your sick day!

Starr a dit…

I hope your daughter is feeling better. It sounds like you still enjoyed your day "off" and spent it well. Lovely work!

Margaret Ann a dit…

Oooh! I love each one! The red is so very vibrant and energetic...and the whales reallyrock! Great!

Kathleen a dit…

When I saw the red photos on your flickr I couldn't wait to see the montage of all the red photos - I love the city scape & can't wait to see it in color - You do bright colors better than anyone -

And I'm hoping your daughter feels better soon -

Lorraine a dit…

Great job on the whales, sounds like you had an nice sick day, hope the little one feels better

freebird a dit…

Nice sketches both the whales and the fun, red bookmark. Nothing like school time to spread those bugs around to all the kids.