dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Des trucs qui flottent et 4 cartes

I couldn't not do something for the last EDM challenge, something that floats.
Because like everyone, I know that witches don't float, but ducks do, and sometimes hats too.

And here are the four last cards I received from the EDM postcard swap we began in june, I think :
From Jen Hook in Australia, this beautiful railway station :

From Kelly in Texas, those lovely colorful flowers:

From Deb in Virginia, another beautiful railway station that's now a museum :

And from June, this superb door that leads to the castle and a place with swans and everything you dream about, I suppose!
I was very happy and thankful to receive the cards. This swap has been a wonderful experience!

6 commentaires:

Judybec a dit…

they are ALL wonderful!! lucky you... what a great idea!

Margaret Ann a dit…

Love the spin you put on the EDM...very clever...And your card collection is simply fascinating...how fun it must be awaitng the postman! :)

Monette Satterfield a dit…

What a nice turn on the idea of "floats". The cards are great - I'm in the end of year swap but, unfortunately, not in your group. Too bad for me!

Starr a dit…

Love your EDM. I't gave me a chuckle!

Ann a dit…

Your 'something that floats' drawing is charming! And lucky you with all those terrific cards!

Odd Chick a dit…

Delightful sketch -so creative. I loved the cards- I think my favorite was the castle door.