dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Un après-midi, une fanfare et un faune

Today I went to a little town called Collobrières. They organize festivities each autumn, three sundays in a row, to celebrate chestnut season, and sell the chestnuts.
It's a remote and beautiful place. You have to drive on a narrow road for half an hour in the mountains and forest to arrive there (in France that's not often - small country!)

This is a special pan for chesnuts. It has holes in it. You have to cut the chestnuts before putting them in the fire or they will explode!
I didn't eat any because the weather was too warm. That's food for cold times, to get your hands warm! (burnt, too, if you're not careful).
It was a fun day. I saw a faun and his girl friend.

And heard fabulous music.

They're called La Fanfare A Bout de Souffle (out of breath brass band). They were playing Rom (eastern European gypsy) music. It was magical. You can hear them here http://www.duzef.new.fr . They're based in Marseille.

Zorro and Bernardo danced and played the clowns.

I bought 2 kg of cristallized chesnuts, to make desserts and to offer. It's very good!

Beautiful day! I'll think of it when I'm at work and smile.

4 commentaires:

The Happy Painter a dit…

Interesting adventure. I don't think I've ever had chestnuts. Do you like them?

Rowena a dit…

That is one amazing day. It's good to know when you are in the middle of them.

That faun and his girlfriend on the bike are amazing.

linda sarah a dit…

Oh!!! This place looks so magical - and it was so good to read about Collobrières and the autumn festivities. Thank you so much too for posting the link to La Fanfare A Bout de Souffle - I love this music SO much!!!!

kazumiwannabe a dit…

Linda, I'm not surprised that you enjoy this music ; )! Rowena, I was mesmerized by the faun and the girl, too! And yes, Donna, I love chestnuts, it's delicious!