dimanche 30 mai 2010

Street scene and portraits

So this is the street concert in Collobrières, in color this time! And the reference photo below.


 Collobrières is a small and lovely village, very isolated, and well known for its production of chestnuts (and chestnut cream, icecream and so on). This was during the chestnut festival in october 2008.

This is my dad. I took an old photo and tried to make him look older to match better with him now. The hair is not right  but the rest is him, I think. I offered it to his wife for Mother's day (because she's important to me too) and she loved it.

Those little ones are Maxime and Pauline, my friend's children. This was for her birthday.
 I loved drawing them, I felt the cuteness, it was like being with them. They're all far away and I miss them.


And my last series of portraits found on the net!
Man and woman from Milano, seen on The Sartorialist's blog (I think they look like brother and sister), Nat King Cole, and a Japanese young woman with red hair seen also on the Sartorialist's blog (she's my personal favorite!).

I'm off to draw the last book I read!

samedi 22 mai 2010

2 books, 4 faces, 1 street concert

As usual, books! On the left a book by Jacques Salomé, a French author who writes about communication between people with very interesting ideas and views. The other book is a thriller.

I usually don't like very much this type of stories with a lot of action, and perfect heroes who are so incredibly intelligent, skilled and beautiful. But James Rollins'stories have something more, despite the clichés, and I enjoy them. The end of this one was awesome, and in complete synchronicity with my current spiritual fumblings, that was amazing (I won't tell, I don't want to spoil it if you want to read the book! - I think the English title must be "the Darwin Bible".)

 Faces again. A girl in Berlin (seen in the Sartorialist's blog). A London portrait from Paul Bence's Flickr stream (great gallery!). A not very good version of Jean Seberg (and it's not the first time I try... - one day, I'll succeed!) . A young teen from Hans Silvester's book about the Omoo people (Ethiopia).

This is from a photo I took last year in a nearby village. I'm going to color it, but I like it in black and white, too, so here it is. The group was playing Tzigane music, and they were so good. The kids were sons of some of the band members and they were really funny to watch!
(You can click on the drawing if you want to see it bigger).

jeudi 13 mai 2010

2 bouquins, 1 collage et 12 portraits

I just finished "The elephant vanishes", by Haruki Murakami, and it was fantastic. At first I didn't want to read it because it's short stories - and I usually don't enjoy reading these. But I couldn't find another Murakami at the library that day, so I tried - and was enlighted!

The other one, by David Foenkinos, was great, too. Very orginal, funny, with a lot of unforgettable and delightful moments.

A little collage.  From a set I made on the Polyvore site.


Portraits! From photos in my Geo magazines collection, and some from Flickr.
Here, a girl from Logan Jack's flickr stream, Commandant Cousteau, a Svanetian woman (from Georgia), a Japanese man.

The first two don't look like the originals at all... The third one is Marguerite Barankitse, a fabulous woman who has saved and helped hundreds of children in Rwanda and Burundi (I made her look a little older than she does in reality : (  - The little girl is from a photo on Rebecca 812 flickr stream.

A young Australian man in a rodeo contest, girl from Yuna's flickr stream, Javanese man.... and Mitchum again (I needed one more drawing to complete the squares...)

I've got the day off and it's not raining. Isn't that great?

mardi 4 mai 2010

Zoziaux, tasses, légumes, portraits.

I've been wanting to try something new and so this is it... I keep seeing beautiful birds everywhere and I had this great magazine about tropical birds, so I copied two of them using color pencils on black craft paper. Then I cut the drawings and glued them on colored cards. (I did three birds but the third one is really horrible).

And did the same, while I was at it, with my favorite cups :
And some vegetables I'd just bought :
It's a beginning. I'll try some more, I think.

I've not been doing many portraits, so I had to put an old one I'd already posted to be able to complete the four squares mosaïc...
 Three of them I did from flickr photos (not mine).
The first one  from LightMirror flickr stream, the second one from iam-zin flickr stream, the third one from  Hanjosan flickr stream. The fourth is Robert Mitchum, I hope it shows ?!

OK, enough computer time now. I need paper time!