jeudi 13 mai 2010

2 bouquins, 1 collage et 12 portraits

I just finished "The elephant vanishes", by Haruki Murakami, and it was fantastic. At first I didn't want to read it because it's short stories - and I usually don't enjoy reading these. But I couldn't find another Murakami at the library that day, so I tried - and was enlighted!

The other one, by David Foenkinos, was great, too. Very orginal, funny, with a lot of unforgettable and delightful moments.

A little collage.  From a set I made on the Polyvore site.


Portraits! From photos in my Geo magazines collection, and some from Flickr.
Here, a girl from Logan Jack's flickr stream, Commandant Cousteau, a Svanetian woman (from Georgia), a Japanese man.

The first two don't look like the originals at all... The third one is Marguerite Barankitse, a fabulous woman who has saved and helped hundreds of children in Rwanda and Burundi (I made her look a little older than she does in reality : (  - The little girl is from a photo on Rebecca 812 flickr stream.

A young Australian man in a rodeo contest, girl from Yuna's flickr stream, Javanese man.... and Mitchum again (I needed one more drawing to complete the squares...)

I've got the day off and it's not raining. Isn't that great?

8 commentaires:

Alex a dit…

My wife lovesssss Murakami. I read one of his work, the Wind-up bird chronicles, pretty graphic but interesting.
You book drawing is as gorgeous as all the others, and wow you seem to be loving to do faces these days ^^ that's awesome!

Alissa a dit…

I really enjoy your book drawings - and the commentary. It gives a complete picture of the experience. Haven't read Murakami, but it's on my list !
Congraulations on drawing so many faces!!!

Bénédicte a dit…

Moi aussi j'aime beaucoup tes revues de bouqins avec le dessin des couvertures, je l'ai deja dit mais je pense que cela ferait une rubrique super dans un journal.
Tes portraits aussi sont trés bon, je reconnais tres bien Cousteau avec son bonnet et sa pipe.
Le collage aussi me plait, il me donne envie de partir en vacances avec un moleskine...

nanke's stuff a dit…

I haven't read Murakami either, but I sure do love the covers you've done! The faces are so interesting and some of them very unusual. They're great! nancy

raena a dit…

Murakami sounds interesting; the books are so well done! And wow!, twelve portraits! These are great! I love Cousteau, and the little girl! Oh, and actually the first lady, too! How did you get them into these grids? I like the effect of seeing four in a square!

Johanna a dit…

I just adore your book cover drawings! Once I start reading again I might consider to follow your lead (I love reading, but I don't have much time these days with two small children, and when I do have any time I prefer to draw and paint).

These are so pretty and inspiring!

Krista Meister a dit…

I love your posts sprinkled with mini portraits! Great job, keep it going.

Peachtreeart a dit…

I just love your book covers, you do them with such care!