lundi 23 avril 2012

Two books, fushia flowers and a kid.

Books again! On the left another one by Anita Shreve. It was very good, very emotional, but I don't think I'll read more books from that author. I like when books give me a little something that helps me grow, or see things in a new way, and here, I don't find that. It lacks magic, in a way.

On the right is a book by Haruki Murakami, and it has all the magic I need, and more! It's pure Murakami, everything smooth and normal in apparence, strange and slightly disturbing underneath, with symbols and thoughts and images very precisely inserted because everything has its purpose and is well thought in his books... it could be read 50 times and still give.

I drew some fushias I bought recently and made this page for collecting a few prayers. Spirituality is a new territory for me, and I'm fascinated with the many ways people everywhere express it.

And finally another drawing from my children story book project. I'm working on it regularly, with more or less satisfaction - some drawings I'll probably throw away and do again when I'm done with the first round of creating the vignettes. I have about 36 drawings of various size to make, probably more, to fit with my story.
Anyway, and whatever the result, it's interesting, and new to me to be focussed and regular with a project like this one, so I'm glad for that alone!

samedi 14 avril 2012

A fish, a prayer and a rabbit in a basket.

This is my psychedelic sardine. I had this image in my head and just had to draw it - please don't ask me why, I really have no idea...

This, I made for a friend. It's a prayer. I had made one a bit like that one for myself, and she wanted one too, so here it is. 

And this is a part of my storybook project. I'm in the process of coloring that one and not happy with the colors I chose, so you get to see it before, when it was still nice and promising...

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! 

samedi 7 avril 2012

A fish, the Moon, 2 books, fuschia flowers.

I had this picture in my mind as I was lazying on the beach and it came out exactly how I wanted it, which is very very unusual for me! It's probably strange and it's rather naïve but for some reason I love it and often look at it with contentment.

I photographed it, as it's too big for the scanner, so the lines aren't as they really are in my painting, perpendicular to the page...

Last two reads - the Choquette book I read/worked with for months, actually. I love Sonia Choquette, I discovered her books following Julia Cameron's bibliography. I'm opening up to a lot of things I never would have even considered, a few years back.  And it really helps.

The Coelho book was good, and interesting. I'll reread it, I think. I read only one book by Paulo Coelho before, when I was very young, about twenty. My best friend had lent it to me, it was The Alchemist. I liked it, but since, I never wanted to read Coelho again as I feel he's a bit commercially oriented (but who isn't?)

I bought myself a fushia and I'm in love with that plant. It's beautiful and to me it's linked with a personnal promise.