dimanche 10 mai 2009

2 éléphants, Bibi, un bateau en bouteille, une deudeuche jaune et des souvenirs pour touriste

Drawing with a marker on my altered book. The bigger elephant is just lazying in the grass, and the little one is the baby brother playing with him. (found this somewhere on flickr)

This is me, looking at myself in the mirror and trying not to glare... Sometimes I think I look better than this, I've not been very gentle with myself : ) but it's still me, no doubt about it...

I wanted to draw this, out of nowhere, I don't know why...

One of a series of little 2cv citroën drawings. I think I'm going to make cards out of them.

Drawn after my visit in Paris with the students. We bought some little souvenirs and I added a subway ticket.

4 commentaires:

Alex a dit…

Wow.. is this like a compilation? ^^ I love the baby elephant drawing, it's very lively!
The sketch of yourself is really good ^^ If I ever try that, I'd look like a clown or something.
The bottle with the ship in it... I've always been wondering, HOW DID THEY DO THAT?? o.O
And The 2CV ^^ I've always loved cars, so it's a fantastic drawing!
And the souvenirs, great stuff, and nice record!

winna a dit…

I like the livelyness of your work and how it brings smiles. Looks a bit like my car and the look of concentration of yourself is usually there in self portraits--

Ann a dit…

These are all wonderful but the self portrait is my favorite - beautiful!

Sarah Ketelaars a dit…

Oooh i love the yellow car! Yes, please make more... and the self portrait is good too, i always glare at myself too, i think it's because we concentrate when we draw, and so it comes out in a self portrait. That's my excuse anyway!