vendredi 15 mai 2009

Des parapluies

"Umbrellas" was Inspire me Thursday's theme of the week some times ago. It was raining yesterday and I was stuck at home with my sniffling and coughing daughter, so this came out : ). I like umbrellas, they're lovely objects!

I really made four little squares (10 x 10 cm) and played with flickr toys afterwards.

4 commentaires:

Trish a dit…

Wonderful paintings, wasn't this also a EDM challenge?

Alex a dit…

Great post and nice colors! :) Gives off a mixed feeling of rain and all.
Thanks for commenting on my Rachel Weisz sketch ^^ Have a nice weekend!

Ann a dit…

Oh, I really like these! The colors are so rich and having a series like this on a theme is brilliant. The black, gray and white version is wonderful too. What a great idea! Hope your daughter is feeling better :)

Sarah Ketelaars a dit…

Love the colours in the top one - so jolly. Hope your daughter feels better soon.