vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Caroline R. avant et après

This is for Inspire me Thursday - this week the theme is "Madame Caroline Rivière", so here she is. I've been watching a little too much of Dia de los Muertos/Halloween stuff, apparently : ).
In France November 1st is called Toussaint (All Saints) and some people traditionally bring flowers to their dead, and that's all. Catholic people do more, certainly. Some kids put costumes on and a few people decorate and keep sweets for them, but it's not really popular, it's not a tradition here.

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An Evolving Artist @ a dit…

This is really interesting. And your comments about Nov 1 too! Thanks for sharing~

Alex a dit…

Wow! This one really scared me a bit... but I like how you get the colors done :) It surely is an interesting piece Kazumi ^^ Great to see you active again!

Anonyme a dit…

trés réussi, la composition, couleur,et addition de texte.

Doug a dit…

Yes, Tempus Fugit.
And I especially like your rendition.

I like the element
of the macabre you've managed
to capture, coupled with the humor and over all effect of this painting.

Some interesting narration as well.


Doug a dit…