vendredi 20 mars 2009

Cinq danseurs, deux musiciens, une fillette en rangers et deux petits promeneurs

I've been trying new things, like painting without drawing first and without a model, and it's fun, I like it. This was done listening to Senegal jembé music, it's naive and messy but I like it, it's fun, I did very quickly and I like the energy of it.

I didn't manage to get the colors right with my scanner. The original is brighter.
This one is done the same way, listening to - guess what - Andes traditional music (hope it shows a little, even if it's a free interpretation!)

Just because I thought she was cool with her big shoes and wind in her hair. She comes from a children's clothes catalogue!

And the boys were on an ad for Timberland shoes.

4 commentaires:

Shelly McC a dit…

Love them all! The messy one is wonderful in its style!

Margaret Ann a dit…

I love all four as well...with a wonderful cultural vibe to the first two! Well done! :0

Ann a dit…

These are all wonderful!

Lara a dit…

Feeling the movement in your paintings. You capture so much so quickly. Beautiful.