dimanche 8 mars 2009

Trois livres, un sac, une paire de Converse et deux danseuses

New books! I'm re-reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, it's an amazing book. It seems to me I've been engaged on a strange and fascinating trip since I began to read it. I'm reading another one now, The Vein of Gold, and it's ... amazing. In a very good way!
The book on the left is a sort of illustrated chronicles and thoughts by a great French comic books dessinateur (means, he makes drawings) and story teller. It's a great book.

The Bruce Chatwin I already talked about in the last post, it was a fantastic read. Now I recycle and re-use drawings so I have more in my posts, I'm cheap like that!

This is a lovely Longchamp bag, and no, it's not mine. I wouldn't mind if it was. I wouldn't mind having most of the bags I see in the shops and magazines, actually.

This is from a photo made by a lady whose blog is there. She makes beautiful photos. among other things. Maybe I'll color it later.

This is just a try. No pen and no model, just for fun, never done that, no since I was very little!
I was listening to flamenco music.

Dancing in the night now. Olé!

8 commentaires:

Owen a dit…

Great stuff. Love the feet in the leaves.

Beth Baxter a dit…

These are all great. I love the flamenco dancers.

Starr a dit…

I LOVE them all, especially the dancers! I love Julia Cameron. I actually read "Vein of Gold" first. I love her books and all the quotes she puts into them. Happy reading!

Anetka a dit…

I love your books illustration:) and your "cheap" sketches are great too:)
I read "the artist's way" two years ago, that's how my journey as an artist re-started. I also like another book of hers "Letters to a young artist".

anyway, good to see you posting:))

btw thank you for your comments on my portraits:)

Margaret Ann a dit…

Your book spread are always so interesting...love the way you do them.

And the flamenco dancers...FAB...U..LOUS!!!! And you must know I adore the inverted view...simply perfect! :)

Kathleen a dit…

All your recent works are wonderful- You are one of the ones I love to check on - & I noticed your hair was cut when I saw the tiger mask but I thought maybe you had just pulled it back -

Minerva a dit…

Your flamenco dancers are spontaneous and colorful, they're great!

anniehartigan a dit…

Flamenco dancers...from your head? Wow. They are gorgeous. And I just love the feet/leaves view.