vendredi 24 juillet 2009

2 livres, une locomotive, une jolie nana et 2 tourterelles

New reads! Loved both books, one a great thriller, the kind you don't let go easily! Read it on the beach mostly, it was nice : )! The other one took some time because it was so rich, a wonderful book about love and reading, and solitude, and books, et caetera... Loved it. I'm sure it's translated in English too. The author is Italian, and the story takes place in Milano, New York, and Belle Ile in France.

Did these two cards for my parents, they liked them!

4 commentaires:

Alex a dit…

GREAT STUFF! It shows so much appreciation of what you like, and that reminds me of what I like to do after watching a good movie, or listened to a really good new song, I just feel like I need to share with people. And of course your parents would love those 2 cards because they are just so beautiful! Absolutely love the locomotive ^^

Oh yeah, thanks for your comment on my previous drawing. Actually I don't know my boss's little girl. I've never seen her in person too ^^ But I know my boss, and he's a very kind man, so I use that as the 'feel' while sketching her. And your question, something about the portraitist? Hmmm.. nothing much ^^ simple and loves doing what he loves.

Anonyme a dit…

more books on my list to read, thank you!Really nice drawings.
Ta loco est superbe,tes cartes aussi.

Ann a dit…

Wonderful paintings! I especially like the train, beautifully done!

Margaret Ann a dit…

I can always count on beautiful happy color to greet me on your pages...These spreads are full of passion and joy! I love the locomotive also...A simply wonderful capture! :)