mardi 22 juillet 2008

Des yeux, une buse, une poubelle et Draguignan

Today after a long and hot morning in my car, I finally had time to finish this drawing and color it. I found out that birds's faces are as difficult to draw as people. You can't tell because it's small and I'm not showing you the original photo (I've got my pride, you know) but this bird had a really pissed of (of or off?) expression and I didn't render it like I wanted.

I found the bird on the Internet. It's a common buzzard, a little more fair in color than the one I often see in my hikes here. he's the reason I bought the binoculars.
I also found the eye on the internet. I wish I had good eyes like these birds! Instead I decided it was time to make an appointment with the eye doctor (too lazy this evening to look this word in the dictionary - in french it's called "ophtalmologue"). I'm fed up with my glasses falling from my nose all the time.
This is the bird and eye before coloring. I loved drawing them.

Well, as you can see, that's a trashcan. My kid has the same in green and I think I'm going to draw it too.

And this is Draguignan where I had to go this morning to update my car's papers. I have an appointment this week with the police road patrol to prove I did that... They controlled me as I was coming back from the wedding sunday at 4 am. I was glad they didn't control my alcohol intake too. They were nice, I didn't even get a fine for not updating my papers. It took me two hours to go to Draguignan instead of the usual one hour, because of the many tourists on the roads.

But I never get tired of seeing this. I can understand the turists attraction!

6 commentaires:

Spinneretta a dit…

It's pissed *off* :)

It looks really good to me, especially the eye!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog a dit…

These are great. I especially like the top colour one.

Margaret Ann a dit…

Your top page is brilliant...Love the combination of all the different elements...chock full of interest! :)

Stephanie a dit…

Wow! so wonderful. I really like the one detailed bird eye. So glad you didn't end up with a fine and you had a lovely place to go to take care of the paper work.

In English Opthamologist is the Eye Doctor it is very close to the French- :)

Anonyme a dit…

I like your trash can. Groovy!

Mindy a dit…

This is a great blog :-)

your drawings are a lot of fun!