lundi 30 juin 2008

point de vue

Je suis allée me balader sur le port avec mon appareil photo et mon carnet, dans l'idée de dessiner un bateau.
Il faisait trop chaud et il n'y a avait pas d'ombre pour s'assoir. J'ai donc commencé à prendre des photos pour dessiner plus tard, au frais.
I went for a walk at the harbour. I wanted to draw but it was too hot and thee wasn't any shadow anywhere. I began to take photos for drawing later, in a cooler place.

At first I wasn't very enthusiastic. I'm not a very good photographer and I didn't think the harbour was very interesting in the first place. It's modern and crowded and quite ordinary.
Then I began to notice some details, like the bright colors, the boats' names.
Au début je n'étais pas très enthousiaste. Je ne suis pas une super photographe et je ne trouve pas le port spécialement beau.
Mais j'ai commencé à remarquer des détails, comme les couleurs, les noms des bateaux.

J'ai vu de plus en plus de détails et j'ai vu le port comme je ne l'avais jamais vu. Et ça fait 10 ans que j'habite ici.
I saw more and more details and I saw the harbour like I had never seen it. And I've lived here for 10 years.

I didn't do any drawing that day but I feel like a discovered a whole new world. I feel a lot richer and I want to do this experiment again, in other "well known" places. I never knew the harbour was such a beautiful place.
Je n'ai pas fait de dessin ce jour là mais j'ai l'impression d'avoir découvert un nouveau monde. Je me sens plus riche et j'ai hâte de recommencer l'expérience ailleurs, dans un autre endroit "bien connu". Je ne savais pas que le port était aussi beau.

C'est fou comme de nouvelles activités, de nouveaux apprentissages, nous offrent rapidement de nouvelles perspectives sur le monde et ouvrent nos horizons.

It's amazing how new activities and new learnings (is that the right word?) rapidly give us new perspectives and open our possibilities and point of views.

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Starr a dit…

Ah yes! I love photography! It forces us to see outside of the ordinary. I think these are beautiful! I love the colors. Looking forward to see your drawings from your adventurous day. And thanks for the comment:)!

Fannie a dit…

Hi, Delph.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.

It's great to see how you evolved through your experience. Your pictures and your observations are enlightening.

You're right, new activities and new learnings or discoveries expand one's capacity to see differently. Bravo!

PamYla a dit…

Wow you have great pictures here. I especially love the 2nd one of the boat in the water. I do the same thing, take along my pencils, sketchbook and a camera which lives in my purse. But living in a big city has many disadvantages, you really have to look for them. You are more blessed than you know to have such beauty around you

kazumiwannabe a dit…

Thanks for the comments! The area I live in is beautiful, but I used to think my little town was one of the less interesting place in the area... and I'm beginning to think I just wasn't looking with the right mindset!

lyn a dit…

Nice composition in your photos, love the student drawings. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Continued success!

Barbara Weeks a dit…

What beautiful photos! The colors and compositions are great. I look forward to seeing your sketches from them.