mercredi 18 juin 2008

page de juin et edm challenge n°1

Ceci est ma page de calendrier pour le mois de juin. Comme la pépète partait en classe verte, j'ai dessiné ses chaussures de rando et collé le dessin sur ma page. La carte correspond à peu près à l'endroit où elle est allée. Et le haïku allait trop bien : "grimpe en douceur, petit escargot. Tu es sur le Fuji!"

For my june calendar page, I draw my daughter's hiking shoes. She went in the mountains with her class for a few days. The haïku is from Kobayashi Issa, it says : "Climb slowly little snail, you're on the Fuji!"

3 commentaires:

Don a dit…

Love the shoes. How is it that drawing shoes can reach your soul and be so satisfying. The wonder of art. Thanks for your comments on my drawings. We loved Bormes and the surrounding area, paradise for us.
I will be looking forward to seeing more of your drawings. Thanks,

kazumiwannabe a dit…

Thank you Don!

freebird a dit…

You did a great job on the shoes plus you'll enjoy the drawing even more since they are your daughter's shoes. I like the saying on your calendar. If you think about it that is how we should go through the Fuji of our life but instead we rush through each day. We only get one life (Fuji) and should enjoy it the best we can like drawing your child's shoe!