samedi 28 juin 2008

Poivrons et examens

This is the recipe for grilled sweet red peppers. It's very easy. You just have to grill the peppers and then put them in a bowl with their juice, lemon juice, garlic cut very small, ciseled basilic and you cover everything with olive oil. I add salt but it's not obligatory. I didn't have the time to draw the finished product because we ate it.

On thursday I was watching the students during their french exam and tried to draw them without seeming to stare at them too much! It helped pass time very quickly and got me to talk with my colleague I had never met before, it was nice. I felt a bit self conscious at first and almost didn't dare take my sketch pad out but I'm glad I did. I'm not very satisfied of the drawings but I had a nice moment and that's what I'm looking for the most.
Drawing the boys was a lot more difficult because they're restless and move all the time! The girls are a lot calmer!

I think it can fit for the EDM challenge n°129 : draw people doing something.

And really, I need to buy a scanner. My pics are rather dark or not very neat. (and it would take too much time to try to become a good photographer!)

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Bien fait! J'aime beaucoup la recette.

Ann a dit…

Nice sketches! The roasted pepper sounds really good.

SCquiltaddict a dit…

Magnifique!! J'aime the sketches d'ecole! hmmm not a clue what sketches is en francaise..

Kathleen a dit…

love the recipe sketches the roasted peppers & garlic & lemon are all wonderful -

kazumiwannabe a dit…

Merci pour les commentaires! Sketch en français se dit "croquis" (pour un dessin) ou "esquisse" (pour un dessin ou une peinture).
Sketch, in french is "croquis" (for a drawing) or "esquisse" (for a drawing or a painting. But they both imply that the work is not complete, they have a diminutive meaning. I prefer to use the word "dessin" / drawing, or the english word "sketch" because ot doesn't sound diminutive (or is it?)

Lynn a dit…

I especially like the sketch of the olive oil bottle and basil. Well done!