dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Experiments, sister, and traditions in Provence

I did a little drawing from a photo for my sister and her husband. This is the result after playing with it with my paint.net software!

I actually like it better than the original, it's a bit boring in comparison ^^!

I'll print the red one and send it to them too, in case they like it...

And this is a quick thing with acrylic paints on colored paper. I've never done that before, just play with colors. It's pleasing, in a strange way. I mean, I'm pleased by the result in a strange way, I'm not trying to judge it but I just like looking at it for some reason.

And this one, same thing :
 I've also done other things that I'm not showing... I had done some drawings that I thought were really cool... and then I painted them, and it got worse and worse and now they're really rotten.

I hope everyone had a good time at christmas. I went to a Provençal traditional mass with friends who sing in the folk choir. It was a great experiment. Provençal traditions are both beautiful and fun because people in Provence have a great sense of humor and an incredible way to talk and tell stories. Their telling of the Nativity story is really unique - at some point there was an enormous piece of cheese involved - I didn't understand exactly what it was doing in the story as it was told in Provençal...

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I love your drawing of the photo! And it looks really cool with the software manipulation. They are BOTH GREAT!!!
Looks like you had so much fun playing with colors and I laughed right out loud when I read about the cheese in the Nativity story. You just wrote it funny! Loved it.

Sasa a dit…

I really like your digital drawing! I have been planning to buy Photoshop but maybe I'll try Paint.net instead too.
Good idea to try acrylics on colored paper. Continue with experiments, I am curious to see the results :-)

entintades a dit…

good results on your experiments with pictures!

raena a dit…

These are wonderful and I can see why you are attracted to the acrylic paintings. Sometimes I do things that are just experiments and when I look at them hard and start to judge them, I think they are no good. But, for some reason I really like looking at them. And this feels strange. I do wish I were more knowledgeable about art and could pinpoint what it is that makes me like them so much!

I love both versions of the drawing of your sister and her husband. They look so energetic and happy!

Hope you're having a great Christmas too. That play sounds funny!