samedi 31 mars 2012

Two books, four faces and a messy bedroom

Books again because I'm predictable that way... On the left a nice read by Anita Shreve. I picked it up for its cover, in fact, but I liked the story, too ; )!

On the right is "If you could see me now" by Cecelia Ahern and I loved that one, it gave me a sense of enchantment and hope and I felt happy everytime I had it in hand.
Some faces, as usual :

First one on the left is a not very good portrait of fabulous dancer and actress Sridevi. I'm not happy with the likeness, but I enjoyed trying to draw her face!

And this is the first colored picture in my little illustration project. I don't know how far I'll go with this but I'm working on it regularly, if slowly. I won't show everything here, as I'm hoping that maybe, maybe, I'll be able to make a kid's book out of it... One can dream!

8 commentaires:

Boud a dit…

Merci de ces desseins et peinture! la chambre ressemble fort a celui de van Gogh -- c'est la couleur jaune qui me fait penser a ca!

Votre blog est tres interessant, et je vais m'en inscrire.

Sue Brown a dit…

I agree with the last comment - those colours do have a Van Gogh look to them. Brilliant - keep going with the project: it looks like a winner :)

Dan Kent a dit…

No need to dream - the colored picture is more than worthy of a children's book! It is a fun room, and I love the bright colors!

I love your faces (I am partial to faces, as you probably know). Your picture of Sridevi is absolutely beautiful, and though it may not be an exact likeness, you certainly captured her beauty.

Books are great too, of course, although I love to see you compose your own.

Minerva a dit…

That little project is intriguing! Je dirais qu'on sens la tendresse... and the colours are so vibrant! I hope to see more of it.

. a dit…

These are all great pieces, and I like it that they are all different from each other. The portraits are neat (I like all the lines), and the illustration is great. The colours are bright and there is lots of details and things within one picture, lots of things to look at and to discover (always a good thing in illustrations for children).

Cathy Holtom a dit…

Love the bedroom, it's colourful & interesting, just how it should be for a children's book.

Melliott a dit…

Everything is great--I love the books, as always.

raena a dit…

Fabulous post! I never get tired of your book paintings or your faces and well, that last illustration is wonderful! I had to laugh that you picked the left book because of its cover...I do that all the time!