mercredi 21 mars 2012

Three fish, two books

Three posts in three weeks, incredible!
This is a drawing I did just for fun, because I wanted something easy to make and colorful. I like the way it turned out.

These are some of the last books I read. Murakami writing about his life as a writer and long distance runner. Very interesting. The Ahern book was okay, but not what I was looking for. It's about a teenage girl, and I have enough teenagers around already - I love them but I don't need to read about them on my free time!  Fun cover to draw, anyway:

Back to work now. I have begun to work as a sophrologist (kind of a relaxation therapist) and I have regular patients every week on top of my first job. That's great, but it takes time, especially as I'm new to it and spend a lot of time preparing.
Wishing every one a fine week!

5 commentaires:

Caatje a dit…

Very nice! I love the one with the fish!

afk a dit…

the book covers are really cool! They are so sketchy like and fine.. me likes!! :D

raena a dit…

Wow, the fish is superb! Love the background in contrast with the fish!

Cathy Holtom a dit…

Love the fish!

Ann a dit…

You have been busy! I love your recent watercolors with their gorgeous colors! So sorry to hear about your dog though. And you have been reading some interesting books, and a couple that I read too. I look forward to seeing more illustrations, it sounds like a fun project!