lundi 27 juin 2011

Pictures, quotes and (too?) many words

I'm still playing with those little naïve pieces and enjoying it. I'm learning something for what I don't have words, yet.

I'm learning to be lighter, for one. Letting go of a lot of things I don't want to carry around anymore.

It's written : A man who insists upon seeing with perfect clarity before he decides, never decides. Accept life and you must accept regret. It's a quote from H.F. Amiel  - I don't know him, but I agree with him.

And a Julia Cameron quote, with a drawing from a photo I saw on tumblr.  I love Julia Cameron books. I read and worked with The Artist's way first, and later with The Vein of Gold. I thought it would  help me explore and develop my artistic side, but it led me to completely different and unexpected paths.

I allowed myself for the first time to aknowledge my long lasting and deep interest in everything about resilience, healing, therapy and personal development - and in a few months now, I'll be a therapist myself, when I get my final diploma in Sophrology.

I also bought a guitar, and play regularly. That was very inexpected too, since I've played piano in my childhood - I was forced to - and I was bad at it and thought I was lost to music forever. (I'm still bad at guitar, but the difference is, I take pleasure in it, and maybe, when I'm around sixty, I'll be a passable player!)

I can't recommend those books enough. I offer The Artist's Way regularly to friends when I feel they're looking for a change in their life and don't know where to begin.
And that happens a lot since many of my friends are around forty, like me, and suddenly realize life is not going to wait for them eternally.

8 commentaires:

winna a dit…

I especilly like the "Forest Floor" idea for a page--it's so teeming with so varied a wealth of're choosing some great quotes

bettyfromtexas a dit…

great stuff here!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Lovely images to mark an interesting journey. Enjoy!

Sarah a dit…

I do like your florist floor - and I agree with the sentiments expressed too - I wonder where this journey will take you?

I had to look uip Sophrology - it sounds very interesting. I hope you'll share more about it and your work here sometimes.

Oh and it was the artist's way which had me pick up pencils and brushes, though I began it thinking it would help me write...

Ann a dit…

These are all wonderful. I especially like the Julia Cameron one too. I'll have to look up The Vein of Gold, haven't read that one.

Anonyme a dit…

These are lovely - you have chosen some really great quotes too.

Alex a dit…

I think these are such sweet drawings =) Words are great, but with the right drawings, they are even greater. And I really like the floral themes. Awesome work Kazumi!

freebird a dit…

I like your choice of quotes and the bright, fun way of presenting them!