mercredi 18 août 2010

Books and something completely different

I've been not drawing a lot, lately. Last week I had some time to myself and this came out. It was fun to do and took a long time with all the little details to color... (I think you can see it bigger if you click on it).

Then I had to do something with the cluster in my appartment and basement, and I received the Chuck season 2 dvds, and I had to go to the beach not to lose my suntan, and the rest of the week disapeared very fast.
But I also managed to finish that - not reading much lately, so it's easier to keep update with drawing my books ^^!

On the left is a strange book by Kelly Kaplan about a village famous for its frog cooking restaurants. There's violence, jealousy, sects, sex, crimes,  lies... it's very weird. I liked it mostly because it was told in a way that made me see the pictures really well (and no, I'm not talking about the sex part, that was not graphic at all), I could picture the story like in a child book. Otherwise it was a little too weird for my liking.
The one on the right was great fun. It's a thriller by Andy Mc Dermott with a lot of action and explosions, the characters are fun, I enjoyed it a lot!! Will read anything by this author now!

10 commentaires:

Ann a dit…

I really like your painting. I like the juxtaposition of pattern and shapes. It seems to tell a story too, which makes me curious to find out more. It's wonderful! And your book reviews with drawings are great, as always.

E*phi a dit…

Beautiful work! I especially like the bright colors and the luminosity. Your book drawings are always enjoyable, too! <3
(Btw: Thx a lot for your nice comment on my blog!)

bettyfromtexas a dit…

These are wonderful, wonderful pages! I always just LOVE your books!!!

Cathy Holtom a dit…

The first painting is fascinating and so colourful. It could be an illustration from a story book.

Anonyme a dit…

Le serpent est tres beau, les teintes de bleus differentes, comme un bijou et un bon lien pour les illustrations.
Les couvertures de livres sont toujours belles, j'aime beaucoup la bleu avec cet effet d'ombre de la couverture a demi ouverte.
Ha la plage! c'est du boulot...merci de le faire pour nous.

Alex a dit…

I have nothing but compliments to your book drawings, they are exceptional. And the conceptual drawing of your apartment is amazing! From the colors to the shapes and to all the little designs, they flow so well together =) great job!

raena a dit…

Wow! Your books are great, as usual, but I'm really drawn to that top one is very good!

Shalini a dit…

Wonderful illustration of the books... I felt like just going on staring at the colors, blend and detail that you have put in.. lovely..
liked the top one too

nanke's stuff a dit…

Another wonderful post. Your book illustrations and reviews are amazing, and the top piece is interesting and unusual, not to mention extremely well-done! nancy

Anonyme a dit…

WOW! Your work here is just stunning. I'm amazed at all that you do. You are an artist through and through.
Your use of color is always so interesting and lovely.
The details in your top piece are so well done. I just love the image.
Thanks too for the book reviews!