mercredi 7 juillet 2010

2 bouquins 8 portrait et 1 carte

Time really flies! I've been busy drinking and eating a lot, and dancing and getting into swimming pools and the sea - that was nice! June is worse (better?) than december in terms of social gathering, I think.
Still had time to read, since this is a vital activity!

The book on the right was okay. In french, I'd say that "it doesn't breack bricks" (ça ne casse pas des briques") meaning it's okay but not that fabulous. It didn't help that the french translation was horrible.

On the left is Kundera's "the unbearable lightness of being", which I hadn't read yet. I should have read it sooner. I'm lacking words to talk about it, because if I had the words, I'd be Kundera and write 464 pages to explain... He has open eyes about humanity, what makes us love, what makes us follow.
He's not politically correct, he doesn't have pink glasses, but he's not cynical either. It's about love and totalitarism, and what in us make them happen.
I was intimidated with drawing the cover, as the picture is a reproduction of a Picasso painting! (not that you'd guess it now, seeing my version ^^).

Faces! All ofund on the internet. The last one is Katie Melua as seen on the cover of her CD (and for once I'm not too far from the original).
And faces again. The laughing boy was very difficult to draw. He looked very smug on the photo and I wanted to get that on paper. I'm not sure I managed.

And this is a card I made for Father's day. The lady is my father's wife and someone I love too. For the first time I did the drawing without looking at the photo, trying to get the feeling of her face. Copying was too difficult, it came out better with this method. It's not exactly her, but it's in the spirit!
Well, that's all!
I have more time on my hands now, so I'm going to go and enjoy all your blogs!

8 commentaires:

donna a dit…

Great work on all of the sketches. The card is beautiful. Your love for the subject shines through the drawing.

Peachtreeart a dit…

Love the faces!

bettyfromtexas a dit…

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is one of my all-time favorite books. Just thinking about it gives me chills. A beautiful, beautiful book. I love your book illustrations, and I love to see what you are reading!!

Anonyme a dit…

All of these are beautiful! Your book covers, the portraits, the card- all so beautiful. Thanks for the book recommendations too.

Alex a dit…

The covers are amazing as usual, and the faces are great too! =) Thank you very much for your comments...teeeheee

Anonyme a dit…

J'adore tes couvertures de bouquins. Surtout avec les couvertures légèrement ouvertes et l'image déformée,Great job!
J'aime beaucoup aussi la carte faite sans regarder la photo de référence, cela emmène beaucoup de personnalité au dessin.
Je prendrai bien un petit peu de méditerranée moi aussi, fait trop chaud ici!

Dan Kent a dit…

These are all wonderful! I love the card, and the first set of faces.

raena a dit…

I stopped by because I just got your recent comment, which made me think 'I haven't seen her post lately', so I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something. I saw this, way back when you posted it, and I promise that I did try to comment! I love the top two, but I absolutely gushed over the card. I love the style of the portrait, sort of a graphic take to it. Anyway, I have this terrible habit of going to fast and not staying to see if my comment was accepted! Knowing me, I probably mistyped the word verification!