vendredi 13 novembre 2009

4 femmes, 1 pourri, 2 livres

This is from a photo found in an old (1997) issue of Geo. The old lady in the middle is Princess Kamamy from Madagascar. Thought they looked beautiful.

I'm using prompts from this blog to write and draw in a liitle journal. This is for prompt 7 "What makes you, you?" Difficult question... Found the girl with the camera on a flickr photo and played with it.

And this is for prompt 13, "Thank someone". Choose to thank someone who was a real bastard, because without him I probably wouldn't be who and where I am, and I like it here... Found the photo on Flickr too, using the word "damned" for search.

And my last two reads!
I liked "The secret life of bees", it was nice.
But I LOVED The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Wonderful book! I wish I could go to Guernsey and meet the characters!

6 commentaires:

Gary a dit…

I can see why you chose the images that you did as they are fascinating. You have been very busy!

raena a dit…

Great sketches, but I have to say that your book sketches are always my favorite! I hope you're keeping a journal with just your book sketches along with a short commentary on them!?

Anonyme a dit…

Love them all, especially the girl with the camera. She looks so brave.

Anonyme a dit…

tres interessant de voir tes reponses visuelles a ces questions. Cela se lit et se regarde un peu comme une bd (oui encore bd...). C'est tres bon.
Moi aussi j'aime beaucoup tes couvertures de livres et je viens d'ajouter "The Guernesey literary..." a ma liste.

Alex a dit…

Beautiful capture of expressions! :) I know for sure that you read a lot of books... I mean, I can't even remember the book I read last this year...maybe some technical books ^^
Love the colors on your drawings, they are vibrant as ever!

Ellen a dit…

I love all of these! Evil witch...the National Geographic one is beautiful, the horoscope photographer great!

Good work Kazumi!