dimanche 24 août 2008

Un cosmonaute contre la montre

This week's theme at Inspire me Thursday is "Create against the clock". You have to make something in 10 mn, then scan, then to it again in one hour.
I've missed the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, but I've found me a lot of great photos about the event, and I had in mind to try to draw some of them. This one seemed not too complicated, just one figure and some stars!
This is the 10 mn version:

I did it in just ten minutes with a white Posca and some crayons. It was fun. I was surprised that I found it not rotten, in the end.
The next day I prepared some more things and sat and did that one :

In exactly one hour - actually I could have finished more quickly but I slowed down because i like to play within the rules (sometimes). This time with acrylic paint. I had fun too. I like it better because the colors are more bright. And it was fun to paint without drawing the lines before, something I've never tried yet.

I don't like them enourmously, but I don't hate them either and it was fun to do something different!

5 commentaires:

krisztina maros a dit…

bonjour :) such a nice works are here! these are great ideas about olympics and i love your painting for golf too.

Deb G a dit…

I like the colors and the idea. I thought it was a fun prompt too.

Sara a dit…

I dig a lot the astronaut of the 10 min. Very fresh and perfectly identificable.

slashdotmad a dit…

I really like the quick one it has the lightness about it - zero G...:)

Kim Mailhot a dit…

Sounds like you enjoyed this challenge !Fun to try doing things in a new way and not worry too much about the results !