dimanche 10 août 2008

3 cartes postales!

These are the first three cards I received from the swap we're doing in the EDM group. I love them! They're all even more beautiful for real.
This one is from Marva, that's what she sees from her home in Colorado, lucky girl! It's so beautiful!

This one is from Wendy who lives in Sidney. This is a view she sees everyday too. Love the incredible light and play of shadows!

And this is from Stephanie , it's the second card in her Portals series. Very serene and inviting place!

This exchange is really a great adventure! I was a little anxious in the beginning, but I'm glad I joined. Making the cards made me learn a lot, as I took more care over my work than I usually do, and tried new things.

And receiving the cards is awesome! I love receiving real mail, and then from all over the world, with strange stamps, and fabulous art inside... it totally rocks!

2 commentaires:

The Happy Painter a dit…

Merci pour le partage. Ils sont merveilleux. Je ne peux pas attendre pour mes cartes (d'un des autre groupes.}

Stephanie a dit…

Oh I am so happy that you have received the card from me! I was a little worried since I sent it in a clear envelope. :)