dimanche 15 janvier 2012

About fish, a dog and a cat

I'm sorry I've not been online much lately, I have not blogged at all, and it's been a long time since I've gone to admire my EDM friends' blogs... I'm busy, and trying to keep away from the internet as much as possible - but I miss blogging and being inspired by other blogs.

A little something I did this afternoon - first time in a long time that I take out the watercolor!
It's from a photo I've seen on the internet (not mine at all).
I think I will paint the background in black as in the original photo.
I've played a little with paint.net to see how it could look :

And I think I like it. That second one is watercolor + digital coloring.

Well, that's all for today, I'm afraid... I've done a few other things, but nothing finished yet.
I've got a new dog. He's 6 months old and quite adorable. My cat hates him (that is one of the things that keep me very busy!)
He's called Jack (I didn't chose the name). I'll probably try to draw him soon!

5 commentaires:

Barbara B a dit…

These are so bright and beautiful! I love the shadings within each color area.

debra morris a dit…

Lovely work

Ann a dit…

Wonderful fish! And enjoy your new puppy!

Sue Brown a dit…

That black background really makes the colours sing - beautiful!

Timaree a dit…

I haven't been doing much either. I think winter gets to me; I'd rather it was a new dog and kitty troubles as I can handle them better, Nice painting of the fish. Sometimes a little is all we can manage and that is really okay. The time will come when you want to do more or you may just move on to something different.

Are you still liking your new home better than your old one? I hope so.