dimanche 28 août 2011

Abstracts, books and faces

I had friends at home all week last week and couldn't post. Here's some stuff I did the week before that.
I spent a lot of time adding layers on this one. I may be the only one, but I like it! 

In my head it's called Veins (probably inspired by Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold!)
Books, of course! On the left, awesome story from awesome Sarde author Milena Agus. She's unique, with a very original mind, and I love her books.

On the right is a best seller by James Redfield. A friend advised me to read it, but I didn't like it much. I thought it was a bit "easy". Some things were interesting, but not really new to me.

Faces, because I try to practise regularly. Each time I forget for too long, like more than a few days, I regress.
A lot. I like this practise because portraits are completely unforgiving : you've got to be accurate, so it's a great exercise.

And finally these are small squares I experimented on for hours (days!) before I was a little satisfied (less dissatisfied...). Well, I learned a lot even if the result isn't very interesting. The process was great!

Hope everyone is all right, especially those of us who live in the US East coast.
See you soon for new adventures!

11 commentaires:

bettyfromtexas a dit…

I love how you explore different methods and mediums of expression! Your portraits are just wonderful!!! Well, everything is! And thanks for the book recommendation!

freebird a dit…

Again, you are doing so much! Nice work. I could see your book paintings hanging in a library. Or you know the sketchbooks that everyone seems to be doing that travel the world? Wouldn't your book covers and short reviews make a great one?

Dan Kent a dit…

I think veins is great! Before I expand it on the computer it almost looks sewn. It is full of interest, and I think it is well balanced, with great colors.

The books are great, I especially like the agus one. I second and third faces on the top row. Especially the middle one.

It's all about process, I think. Love the journey..

Melliott a dit…

You inspired me to paint books too, and then I couldn't remember where your blog was--happy to find out again! These are just great, and I also love your abstract.


Alex a dit…

Gorgeous work! Love the book covers and faces. The abstract drawing is awesome too ^^

Clare a dit…

Oh Yes, You won't be the only one who likes it! I really love the books and portraits. And I agree, the process is often more satisfying than the end results. Your end results are worth sharing!

Minerva a dit…

Hi! It is great to see your new work! Haven't been around lately in the drawing groups and it is a nice surprise to see your abstract paintings.

Cathy Holtom a dit…

I like it too, interesting work!

Ann a dit…

Such a visual treat to visit here! I, too, love the abstract, and it reminds me of something woven as well. Everything posted here is fantastic! You have been busy!

meegan a dit…

great collection of work there. your abstract experiment reminded me of kandinksy's "blue mountain" - full of colour and movement.


Ellen Burkett a dit…

I LOVE the top image! (All of the others too, but I love that one!) Everything you did here is great!!! A wonderful assortment of styles!