vendredi 16 avril 2010

1 lamp, 1 boat, 1 mouse and why I draw the way I do.

So I'm drawing again! Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, they really cheered me up and I needed it!

I found a very small book and decided that I could do at least one very small drawing a day. And it works. I'm getting the same surprised pleasure as I felt when I first discovered Danny Gregory's books and yahoo group.
This is a little lamp in my bedroom. I bought it for myself after I divorced. My ex hates that style, so it was very liberating!

A little piece of one of the six fishermen boats we have in my little touristic town. Here the sea doesn't smell anything except petrol, and cat piss near the fishing nets (where I was sitting. Best place in the whole town, at least it feels real). Here where I live everything is false. We are 6000 in the winter, 60 000 in the summer. Buildings everywhere, look like they're built in plastic, simili Roman architecture, very expensive life all year round. I came here for love, stayed for duty, and now I'm stuck. (Hopefully not for long anymore.)

This is I la Souris (her name is prononced "E"), my daughter's oldest stuffed animal. She's called E because it's the sound mice make, and at the time Manon named her she didn't know many more words : ) !
Here E is sitting against my fantastic orchid who has thirteen flowers in bloom.

Drawn2Life made a very interesting post explaining why she draws the way she does. Really made me think. It's here :
Because I'm very slow I haven't finished thinking about it (it should take a few more years and I'm done).

I'll try, anyway.
I draw the way I do because I'm not (yet) able to draw better. Getting the proportions right is the hardest, for me. And I'm totally unable to draw from memory, so I'm limited on the subjects.
I've begun to enormously enjoy drawing since I read Danny Gregory's book, especially "The Creative Licence".
I use his method of drawing, mostly (described in the book) : I draw the exterior first, without looking much at my drawing, except for checking I'm not completely getting out of the page ^^. Then the interior and the details.
I usually draw very fast. I prefer to draw directly with a pen, but I use a pencil when it's difficult and I want to get it right absolutely. Usually I don't especially want that!
I'm always surprised when it looks good and that's a big part of the pleasure! (I love good surprises).
In a drawing I love the lines. I love color, too, but I think what I enjoy the most is the line work.

Pure lines make me feel clear and happy. Like I understand the world better and it's cleaner and prettier.

My favorite all times illustrators are Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, Masamune Shirow, and Hugo Pratt. I love Natsuko Takaya very much, too (she did the Fruits Basket manga series).

It's time to wake up, now, my rambling is finished!
That's all, folks ^^ ! A la prochaine!

9 commentaires:

Ellen a dit…

Very good Kazumi! I really like the line work in that lamp! And I'm glad you're back to drawing! Great job! I think I have that same mouse!

Drawn2Life a dit…

Wow! These sketches are terrific and your ability to put into words why you draw the way you do right now is fantastic for someone in the beginning of their drawing journey! Keep enjoying your sketchbook!

Anonyme a dit…

Bravo! Tes sketches sont super et ta description d'une petite ville sympa en bord de mer m'a bien fait rire.
I est tellement craquante, le dessin et le nom, ta lampe de chevet a beaucoup de charme. Le bateau est super aussi surtout qu'on n'a pas les odeurs!
Tres intéressant de lire ta technique, ta méthode de dessin, ce n'est pas facile a mettre en mot.
J'ai maintenant des illustrateurs a aller voir, je ne connais que Disney et Pratt,
bonnes futures lignes!

nanke's stuff a dit…

First of all,your ex husband clearly has the taste of a dog - the lamp is charming! The glimpse of the fishermen's boat is very nice - I like their duds hanging up! And lastly, the little mouse is charming. As for your drawing narrative, I agree,proportions are the hardest for me, too. It's fun and interesting to see your posts - keep up the good work! nancy

Sketch Gurl a dit…

Kazumi - I love that lamp sketch. You have a very interesting way with words too. I liked reading about your small town.

freebird a dit…

I like all of these sketches. I'm glad you found a book that doesn't intimidate you so you can draw more. I think you draw quite well. We don't want photos do we? And we are always our worst critic. Keep up the good work.

Ramona Davidson a dit…

Love your art. Very expressive. It is always interesting to know a little about people- thanks for sharing. About drawing style- I can not draw from memory either. I may see it in my mind, but I have to have something concrete in front of me to put it down on paper. Your drawing style is great.

raena a dit…

Welcome back! I love to draw quickly too, and even get frustrated if I have to slow down to get my concentration going!

Love the sketches!

Alex a dit…

Lovely sketches, and I am so glad you're able to just have fun while doing all these. Speaking the truth here, I am still struggling with that. I guess I always think that I get only 1-2 hours a day, I would want to make sure EVERYTHING is acceptable on my pages. But that's just me I guess. I'll learn how to have fun someday.
It's so interesting to read about why people draw the way they draw. Jennifer sure did a great job raising that thoughts among all of us. =) Hopefully someday we'll have a better answer to that question, and that's when we know that we're are "matured" in what we do. =) Glad you like the kitty, and thanks for your comment!