mercredi 17 février 2010

2 bouquins, 1 jeune fille et 1 homme mystérieux

Last reads. I loved both, they both involve young people, going to university and trying to find meaning in their lives, they're both a little weird, funny, whimsical and awesome.
And they're both written by fantastic authors. Murakami's book title in English is "Norwegian wood".

Drawing books is one of my greatest pleasures. Small pleasure, it's like an active meditation, absolutely stress free, I don't use a pencil, don't erase anything, put any color I feel like... It's great : )!
And of course it allows me to stay a little longer with my books.

Another portrait, done fast, no eraser (I don't like working with pencil and eraser much, I think...). She's not exactly like the model, but not too far either, and I like her anyway. Gypsy girl from India.

And a little valentine drawing for me because I wanted one, too... I firmly believe that next year I'll be able to draw "the mysterious man's face. I'm not going to stay alone forever, nom d'un chien!

(nom d'un chien" means something like "damnit". Well, literally it means : name of a dog : )!)

6 commentaires:

raena a dit…

I am glad one of your joys is drawing the books that you read, because I so enjoy seeing them!

phthaloblu a dit…

Great sketches! I like the girl, and the fact you did it in pen.

nanke's stuff a dit…

It is fun to see what you've drawn! Keep it up. nancy

Johanna a dit…

I like the book drawing very much.

And bonne chance finding your mystery man!

Anonyme a dit…

I like the gypsy girl - she looks very expressive. Great sketches, considering the fact that you do them straight on ink.

Anonyme a dit…

I love your dream room, it is so orderly - colourful too. The perspective is excellent.