mercredi 27 janvier 2010

2 livres et 2 essais

My last two reads. The book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon was ok, but a bit long in the end, for me.
The Atkinson one was awesome, it's the second book I read by this author and I really love her mind and her style! It's funny, and sometimes completely awful, and never boring.
I had fun drawing this page - thses days I spend a lot of my free time trying to draw my sister's wedding invitation.
It seems I can't get her face right, I must have drawn her 50 times, and it's never really good.

I tried this, but they didn't like it much, apparently.
And I've tried this :

And this drawing is the first of a very long list that I like a little. I'm beginning to recognize her face.
If they don't like it, I'll try with another photo - I think I'll never manage a better drawing than this one from this particular photo.
Maybe I should have told them I'm a complete beginner at portraits, before accepting the task...

10 commentaires:

nanke's stuff a dit…

Oh my, you are very brave to volunteer to draw a wedding invitation! My hat's off to you. And, I think the portraits are great, for what it's worth. Your book spread is really nice, too! nancy

Martine a dit…

I like both of them a lot,but I find the second one a little bit more traditional. Your portraits are really good.

Johanna a dit…

Oh, yes portraits are really difficult for me too. I don't know what your sister looks like, so I can't say if it's good or not, but I like the style and colors in which you did both the pictures very much!

Hope you get it in the end, and that your sister likes it too.

Alex a dit…

The books are awesome as always Kazumi(I'm still calling you that...teeeheee!) And wow, you're drawing your sister's wedding invitation!!! That's the coolest job ever and I think both of them are pretty!
I really like the 2nd one too. Because I love looking at eyes in portraits, and I love how you drew her hair too. :)

Ann a dit…

Both portraits look fantastic to me! And I always like seeing your book reviews.

raena a dit…

I love it when you do drawing of the books read, and a little review of it. I love to read and sometimes I check into the books! As for your sister's wedding invitation, you are B-RAVE!! Remember, my grandma recently told me my portrait of her was "awful", yet everyone said it looked just like her! And portraits are so, so difficult!

Lynn a dit…

I like the last portrait. And as always, I enjoy your book drawings.

Dragana Savkov - Bajić a dit…

I love your drawings, and your portraits are quite good! I think your sister would be very happy!
by the way, I love Carlos Ruiz Zafon's book, it's "The shadow of the wind" isn't it? You have a beautiful blog! :)))

Anonyme a dit…

I have a list in my handbag "les choix de Delph" with your choice of books, Atkinson is twice mentionned!
Your invitations for your sister's wedding is a great present. I am passing you an advice I red about portrait: Forget about likeness!
It will relaxes you and the result will surprise you.
My favorite one is the first.

Ramona Davidson a dit…

Very good drawings. You definitely have talent. Look forward to seeing more of your work.