lundi 28 décembre 2009

Un ado, un chaton, deux livres


He's a teenage boy from the Omo people in Ethiopia. I drew him from a photo I found in a book by Hans Silvester who photographed them for two years.

Little kitten, in blue, and in negative :

And books I read recently.

The Jim Harrison book was great (they're all great), and I loved the other one too, by Kate Atkinson. I almost stopped reading at one point, because it was so dark and I wanted something good to happen, but I'm glad I went on reading, because it was awesome. I want to read her other books, now.
English title is "When will there be good news?", and she really makes you wait for them, but it's worth it!

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The teenager is such a complexity of fun shapes and color in a figure! The "negative kitty" shows off your really strong design in color placement and value. Interesting idea to pursue. :)

Possum Patty a dit…

Great mix of sketches. Love the blue-eyed kitty. The boy is very fine in his regalia. Thanks for sharing.

Krista Meister a dit…

Love the expression on the boy's face, and all of his decorative paint as well.

Lynn a dit…

That kitty is adorable! I read Kate Atkinson's book, too. I enjoyed it, but I agree it was a bit difficult and grim. That poor girl!

Ellen a dit…

Love all of these, but the first one is amazing!

Kathleen a dit…

I love the OMO people pieces - also the B&W sketches of Manon and the water tank - How do you find time to read so many books? do you sleep?